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Nonograms Online.

Nonograms have many different names. Hanjie, Paint by Numbers, Japanese Crosswords - to name a few. Nonograms make a great pastime. While solving a challenging logical puzzle you reveal a cool picture.

To decipher a picture you have to follow numbers-hints. Those numbers indicate series of painted squares in each row and column. For example hint series like  5   3  means that there are two sequences of 5 and 3 consecutive painted blocks separated by one ore more blank sqares.

There is a variation of Japanese Crossword - Color Japanese Crossword (Color Nonograms). In this puzzle blocks are painted in several colors. Solving technique for them is similar. The main difference to remember - sequences of different colors don't have to be separated by blank sqares.

All nonograms here are our own unique puzzles.
Have fun!

Site News
New puzzles added.
Pyramid Solitaire is added.
New section Solitaires is launched. To play Spider Solitaire you have to have Java plug-in installed. There is more coming.
First color japanese puzzle Black Jack is released. It opens a new section Color Nonograms.
Our new project "Nonograms and more" is live! Check out the very first nonogram Boat. Color nonograms will follow.
New Puzzles
Plain Nonograms
Small Fish   10x15   29.4.11
Road Sign 4   30x30   13.11.08
Road Sign 3   25x25   31.10.08
Road Sign 2   25x25   31.10.08
Road Sign 1   25x25   31.10.08
Color Nonograms
Smile   16x15   21.4.11
Mole   40x40   9.1.09
Monkey   35x40   6.12.08
Flower   40x40   5.11.08
Carlson   45x35   30.9.08