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  How to solve nonograms
Let's take an example and see how to solve it.

Take a look at seventh column. The hint says there is a sequence of 10 blocks. Entire column height is ten. So the decision is obvious - the entire column is painted. Draw the line by the mouse holding down the left mouse button.

Now look at the next column. It has series 1 and 8. There must be at least one blank square to separate them. So again we have only one way to draw them.

You can right click to put X to indicate blank square. Also for your convenience you can cross out a hint that you already solved by right-clicking it.

Now let's paint some sqares that we are sure about. Fifth row has a chain of 14 blocks and the grid width is fifteen. That means only one outer square is unpainted. So we for now will leave alone questionable outer blocks and paint the rest we're sure about. Applying same logic to the next line with 13 we'll leave 2 blocks unpainted on each side.

Next check out the second row. Here we have a painted sqare with blank next to it. Apparently it's and end of a series. The hint says there is only one series of 3. So this gives us the opportunity to nail down the entire row.

Now pay attention to tenth column. It has first sequence of 6. That means top sqare can be only blank.

And here the first row is conquered.

Here we have ends of series in 6th and 7th columns. So lets paint them.

Last line is also easily solved.

Tenth column now also has only one possible combination.

And sequence of four in ninth row became formed by itself. It's the first series in line so all sqares preceding it are blank.

Let's look at eighth line. We have 5 filled blocks. That makes it part of 7. That means only next two sqares to the left might be painted and first three are definetly blanks. Same reasoning applies to 9 in seventh line.

Now we see that columns 3, 4 and 5 became obvious.

2 in line 12 is also solved.

Let's fill out some sure choices in columns 11, 13 and 14.

Here series of 3 found in seventh line.

Now we see it formed 3 in column 13.

Solve line 4. There is only one way to do it.

8 in third row showed up.

Finish second column.

That gives us 13 in sixth line.

And now it beciomes very easy to complete this puzzle.